In our second edition of 15 QUESTIONS, DGB Media caught up with one of the true characters of Production Touring Cars, Kevin Herben. He may not run at the front of the pack, but Kevin is always a popular competitor at race meetings. His bubbly and enthusiastic personality always manages to lift everyones spirits in pit lane. He’s reputation is also aided by his conscientious driving approach, getting out of faster cars way and usually giving them a cheerful wave on their way past.

In our chat with Kevin we reveal what it is he actually does for a living, the illustrious history of the little Mazda 626, and reveal what changes the bodywork will see for next year. 

Q1: What do you normally do for a living?

Storage systems installations, in Sydney and all over the country. That basically means assembly, installation, reconfiguration, repair and/or relocation of pallet rack and industrial shelving.

Q2: Kev, we know Grant Denyer started his racing career in your Mazda 626, does that mean you really want to be a weather man?

Hell yes. Ah, to be consistently wrong and get paid for it! Mornings are no good for me though. I wonder if Tim Bailey wants to drive the 626?…

Q3: What’s the weather going to be like in Sydney tomorrow?

There’s only 2 ways to put it- dry setup/wet setup. Hopefully dry setup for tomorrow.

Q4: Who’s your favourite driver to race against on track?

Gus Barbara. He always waves back.


Q5: Why did you choose the Mazda product? Is it because it has a lot of Zoom Zoom?

The Zoom Zoom is me in the car making car noises under my helmet. I think it chose me. Although there are much better Mazda cars for track activities, it will do for now.

Q6: Bathurst next year is going to be a big event; wild weather is often a factor on the mountain. Do you think your sky reading abilities will help move you to the front of the field in the race?

No but a better vehicle will.

Q7: Is there a reason you have a tendency to attack flag marshals at race tracks?

Someone has to give them a highlight. They do a great job and I think it’s great how they donate their time to allow us to go racing. Thanks flaggies.

Q8: You like to travel, where has been your favourite destination on the amazing race?

My race has only been around Oz. it’s hard to pick a favourite. The Pilbara and The Kimberley are bloody great.


Q9: Rainy or Sunny days?

Why not have both? Ever been to Melbourne?

Q10: Do you think you can defend your class D crown next year?

If anyone is up to the challenge, defend I shall, tooth and nail. Bring it!

Q11: Did the Amazing race deserve to be nominated for an Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts award?

Maybe. I can’t say I’ve followed any series of the show. The concept is good but I like the kind of races where from the extinguishing of the red lights, one must drive at great speed to a checkered flag to collect a trophy.

Q12: On the Amazing Race, you would be cheering for Michelle and Jo right?

If Jo is a girl then yes. Go girls! Hmm, I might watch this race with said girls then.


Q13: Will we see a new colour scheme on the Mazda next year?

I was thinking of stepping away from the light navy and going to a dark aqua.

Q14: You’re known in the club as quite a funny guy. What’s your best joke?

Don’t need jokes. I’m just funny to look at.

Q15: If you had to come up with a question, what would you ask yourself?

Would you trade all of your class D trophies for anything in the world? Nup. Wait, maybe class C trophies. Baby steps.


So there you have it, 15 QUESTIONS with Kevin Herben. Entirely self funded, Kevin’s only  sponsor to thank for their help this year is his own business Kandi Warehousing . However, that isn’t to say he doesn’t want more people to come on board. So if you would like to become involved with Kevin and his illustrious little Mazda 626, drop DGB Media a line on our Contacts Page, and we’ll pass the message along.


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