For our third instalment of 15 QUESTIONS we caught up with Commodore driver, Paul Lane. After getting extremely close to taking out the championship in the final round of the 2012 season, we chatted to Paul about what might have caused his loss this season, his excitement about the Bathurst round next year, and who he might have co-drive with him in the endurance races.


1) What do you do for a day job?

Not much really, I just drive around trying to sell cars.

2) You came heartbreakingly close to taking out the state championship this year. How did it feel to come so close?

It felt really great really, but it really doesn’t matter cause my name is not at the top!

3) We know Gerry Murphy took that title out. Did you happen to let him look at your engine before the race?

Now that you mention it, Gerry was hanging around a lot that morning!

4) Would you still say you had a good year in 2012?

It was a bloody great year! I couldn’t have asked for anything more really!

5) Should we call you Peter, or call you Paul?

I prefer Peter actually.

6) Can we hang you up on our bedroom wall?

I will be organising some merchandise and signatures will be available (at a cost of cost?)

7) Should we call you the king of the mountain?

We better wait till easter, don’t like counting my eggs before easter!

8) Speaking of Bathurst, are you excited about going up there to start the 2013 Production Touring Car season?

I’m very EGGCITED (exciting, Paul got a bit carried away with our easter ideas). This place has been a favourite of mine since I was a boy. To drive there is a dream.


9) One of the most successful drivers Australia has ever seen has been Mark Skaife. He’s been a driver you have followed for many years. Have you been in contact with him to get some tips about driving there?

I actually spoke to Mark last week and he asked if he could co-drive with me. I think I might accept..

10) You probably don’t want any race start procedure tips off him though do you?

Not really, but I will make sure I put in a new clutch before the race. We all know Mark is very hard on the clutch.

11) You’re one of the few drivers located on the central coast. Why do you live so far north? 

I can’t afford Sydney. Plus it’s more relaxed on the coast, you can wear thongs out to dinner.

12) Do people know what motorsport is up there?

It’s just starting to take off on the coast!

13) Did you know that in America, Lane racing refers to drivers who are racing side by side to get out of Pit Lane first? Do you want to see more racing in Pit Lane?

That would be great! It would definitely make the spectacle more interesting!

14) Should we be checking your Pit Lane speed more regularly in 2013?

I’ve got a limiter on the car for Pit Lane. Which cuts out cylinders, some of you have probably hear that happening.

15) What are your goals for the 2013 season of Production Touring Cars?

To win every race in my class, and keep the engine intact! 


Paul has been helped throughout the year by his great team, supporters and sponsors, including:

Dicker Motors Smash Repairs

Axi Dent Australia

Izuzu ute Australia

Pollicina Motorsport


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