In our fourth instalment of 15 Questions DGB Media caught up with series newcomer Dean Potts. In our chat with him we cover many of the most hotly talked about topics in the paddock. Including why is Dean’s car painted purple? Does he listen to Deep Purple? And is he really The Phantom?

Well, strap yourselves in, the answers to those questions and many more are revealed for you here today.

Q1) What do you normally do for a job?

Im a fork lift driver for Howard Australia during the day and for Toll Express at night. Racing isn’t cheap so two jobs are needed to keep the income coming in so I can go racing.

Old Jungle Saying #1: When The Phantom is rough, he is very rough. 

Q2) You won your class this year, how did that feel?

It was great winning my class for the year,being in the top ten for everything was an awesome achievement as well. To do it all in my first year with no prior track experience was something I’ll never forget. Now the pressure is on for next year.

Old Jungle Saying #2: Call The Phantom anywhere, and he will hear. 

Q3) Do you think you can defend your crown next season?

Defending my crown is a goal. I’m going to try and do it successfully. However, what is more important is to go out and having fun while staying in one piece, they really are  my main goals.

Old Jungle Saying #3: The Phantom can be a dozen places at once.

Q4) Who was your toughest competition in 2012?

Everybody in the championship is a tough competitor. I’ve had some good battles with Kevin through the first rounds then Luke through most of the year as well as some good ones with Troy in B2 class. With the huge variety of cars and classes anybody can win the championship in 2013.

Old Jungle Saying #4: The Phantom strikes like a thunderbolt but moves softer than a stalking cat. 

Q5) Purple is a very distinctive colour for a race car. Is there any reason behind why you chose this colour?

The purple colour is something different and that’s what we wanted. Everybody has white, red and black on their cars. I wanted something that stood out and stand out is what we have done all year. It’s been great.

Old Jungle Saying #5: When The Phantom strikes, lightening stands still. 


Q6) Are you actually The Phantom?

No I’m not the phantom, but with the way I snuck up on my class this year there could be a phantom inside. Who knows.

Old Jungle Saying #6: The Phantom moves faster than the eye can see.

Q7) Do you know The Phantom?

No, I don’t know the phantom.

Old Jungle Saying #7: You never find The Phantom, he finds you.

Q8) Is the old jungle saying “He who sees the Phantom’s face, dies a horrible death” really true?

If there was a phantom, by the time you did see his face it would be all over.

Old Jungle Saying #8: The Phantom freezes your blood, makes cowards out of strong men.

Q9) Are you looking forward to racing at Bathurst?

I’m looking forward to racing at bathurst. It’s a daunting challenge that waits ahead of me. There is no room for error and plenty of concrete all around to stop me if things go wrong. Let’s just say that hitting walls is not on my to do list.

Old Jungle Saying #9: The voice of the angry Phantom freezes a tiger’s blood.

Q10) You’ve been to a lot of car shows this year. How many have you attended? Do you enjoy showing the car off?

Hey, that’s two questions! I wasn’t prepared for that!

We have done four car shows this year. Flying the flag for Production Touring everywhere we can. I got the president’s choice award for the work we are doing to promote the category, that felt pretty special. 

Old Jungle Saying #10: The Phantom’s steel hands can break men like straws.


Q11) How many promo girls have you photographed with the car this year?

Only 2 lovely ladies have posed with the car. There were 12 others that I got to pose with our Production Touring Cars at the Telstra 500 display at Homebush this year. I’ll try to get more for you next year.

Old Jungle Saying #11: When The Phantom scares them, they stay scared. 

Q12) Do you listen to Deep Purple’s Smoke On The Water for inspiration while racing?

No I don’t listen to Deep Purple. I’m more an r’n’b  and a bit of dance man, depending on my mood.

Old Jungle Saying #12: The Phantom’s fury is like a volcanic explosion.

Q13) Have you ever thought of changing your race team name to Deep Purple Racing?

No I haven’t thought of changing our name from Potts Motor Sports. It’s a name that my children can continue to use if they decide to go racing.

Old Jungle Saying #13: Furious Phantom is a sight to behold.

Q14) What are your goals for the coming season?

My goals for the coming season are to have fun both on and off the track. I want to finish were I did last year, or better, and keep the car straight and looking good. If you cant be fast look fast, that’s what I say.

Old Jungle Saying #14: Only a fool crosses The Phantom.

Q15) If you could race any car on any circuit in the world, what would it be?

You cant go past bathurst in a v8 supercar nothing could be better.

Old Jungle Saying #15: The Phantom will never refuse a challenge. 

So there you have it, a deeper insight into the man that is Dean Potts. Is he The Phantom? Well, driving a purple car you’d have to wonder if he is. Yet, only time will reveal this secret. For now, Dean has some words he would like to say himself.

Thanks for this opportunity Daniel. I’d also like to thank my fiancee for suggesting we go racing and yes it really was her idea to go racing. My dad for his help while cursing and my family who are with me at every race and car show we go to for the support. 

Also I have to say a huge thanks to my supporters. As you can see in my photos I’m self funded and looking for some sponsors. So if anybody’s interested feel free to call me on 0479122370.

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