It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another instalment of 15 QUESTIONS.  In this the fifth week in our moderately popular series focused on getting to know the drivers of Production Touring Cars, we caught up and had a chat with Peter Lown. While he isn’t the loudest competitor at most race meetings (That accolade has to go to Rod Thorpe, who declined our requests for an interview), Peter showed some great form in the 2012 season and goes into 2013 full of confidence that he can deliver some great results.
In this interview we unearth some great information, such as what magazines Peter subscribes to at home, If he plans on releasing his own range of merchandising, and also reveal once and for all how to pronounce his last name! So settle in and enjoy getting to know Peter.
Q1) What do you do for a living? 
I  work for Toyota Material Handling Australia ( Forklift Division of Toyota) as a Corporate Account Manager. Basically I negotiate to sell or rent our forklifts to major national companies, then manage the account throughout the term  so far as organising servicing of the equipment, invoicing and reporting is concerned. 
Q2) You’re really a quiet achiever at the track, is that your deliberate methodology?
I suppose so – maybe that will change with a few decent results but at the moment I am happy to take a back seat and learn. 
Q3) You’ve got an evo 7 as your race car. Is that because you think Evo production peaked at the seventh evolution? 
No purely because Paul Loiacono found one for me to buy at the end of the 2011 season.
Q4) Do you subscribe to Darwin’s theory of evolution?
We subscribe to both Choice Magazine as well as Better Homes and Gardens at home so at this stage I don’t think I could read that one as well although I hear it’s an excellent read!
Q5) You work for Toyota during the day. Isn’t that a bit of a conflict of interest?
Our fastest forklift would be lucky to exceed pit lane speed with a tailwind in support so no conflict there. 
Q6) Who did you enjoy racing with most in 2012?
 Difficult to single anyone out as there are many drivers that come to mind and in most of last season’s racing I often found myself dicing with many different drivers. I  enjoy driving hard, fair and also not taking it too seriously, so any drivers that fit into that mould are typically the ones I tend to gravitate towards.
Q7) At the track day you seemed to take a lot of people for rides. Would you say you have a lot of friends? 
That was a busy day indeed. I have some terrific sponsors, family and friends who assisted throughout the year so it was a great way to return the thanks at this event. We arranged for their staff to come through for a couple of laps and I  enjoyed it is as much as they did as the majority of the passengers had not been to a motor racing circuit let alone inside a race car. The major stakeholder in the car, my wife Karen, also had the opportunity to see what all the fuss is about so that was great to share as well.
Q8) Kevin Herben tried, on a couple of occasions last year, to send you up. How do you feel about that? 
I found out soon after that he was a Wests Tigers supporter (same as me) so I let him off although my two daughters may need a couple of bribes to clean the slate. The great thing about any organised sporting club is its people and Kevin is a great asset to our club.
Q9) Does it help to know that your car is much faster than Kevin’s? 
Definitely. Anytime I am near him on the track I want to reach for a can of Mortein as I think I can hear a mozzie in the car- only to realise it’s Kev nearby. 
Q10) Do you think Toyota really make a car good enough to compete for outright contention in Production Touring Cars? 
We’ll have to see about that!
Q11) Next year Chris Reeves is planning to run an 86. Will you move out of his way if he comes up behind you? 
I am really looking forward to seeing the car. I was fortunate enough to have a track drive at a Toyota day last year and they are a great car to drive. But to answer your question, no as I need all the positions I can get without giving them away.
Q12) What are your goals for 2013? 
Consistency in car and driver for 2013. There are always things that occur that are out of your control but if I can ensure that the car is reliable and I drive well, then I would hope to see some better finishes this year.
Q13) With 77 days to go until Bathurst, are you getting ready for the race yet?
I have just returned from a few weeks summer holiday down the south coast with the family so am just about to get stuck into the planning for Bathurst which is a lifetime dream. I am really looking forward to the event as I have family in Bathurst and have been to the track quite a few times over the years and always wondered what it would be like to drive a lap at full tilt. 
Q14) The other drivers are getting onto the merchandising band wagon. Do you have any plans to join them? 
No – only the official NSW Production Touring Cars Bathurst memorial shirt, which I am sure I’ll get some mileage from.
Q15) Once and for all, how do you actually say your last name?
It’s pronounced Lown, as in Town, Brown, Down etc.  Thanks for asking!! 
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