In this week’s installment of 15 QUESTIONS we chat with Steve Shelley, another newcomer to the Production Touring Car ranks, Steve and his son Jake immediately became forces to be reckoned with the moment they hit the track. With their speed matching those established at the front of the field and providing a bit of a shakeup in the endurance rounds.
We caught up with Steve to find out the answers to the most pressing questions. What cars will the Shelley’s be running next year? Are there any special plans for Bathurst and who most importantly will be team leader.
Q1) What do you do for a living?
“A living” isn’t quite how I’d put it. I sold my business late 2011 and now am able to share my time this way:
– 60% Enjoying a wonderful lifestyle with my family and friends, travelling and racing cars 
– 20% As Chairman and Co-Owner of Deputy.com where I am playing my part in building an exciting new business. I am also exploring and investing in other business opportunities. 
– 20% Building my incredible new home. 
Q2) How did you enjoy your first full season of Production Touring Cars?
I started racing with PTC mid 2012 so 2013 will be my first full year in this great category and I have loved every second so far. All the racers are fantastic, polite, welcoming and particularly courteous on the track. I seriously can’t wait to get racing again at Bathurst at Easter.
Q3) This year you’ll be racing against Jake, does that change things for you on the track?
Yes, I need to be faster, concentrate harder and beat him at all costs!
Q4) Who is going to be the team leader?
Q5) At the moment the deputy app is growing rapidly. Can you see a use for it at a race meeting?
Deputy is a wonderful cloud based tool to assist manage and communicate with people. Deputy helps small to medium size entities schedule their team, provide two way communication and keep them accountable and well informed. So Yes.
Q6) Do you think a driver might find the app useful for preparing for a race?
Drivers would be confident they have checked all the boxes in their pre-race preparation, administration and communication. They would know where they need to be, when they need to be there, and what they need to do when they get there. PTC admin could keep a track of all this, what racer & or team has done what and when they did it.
Q7) Last year you answered a Speedweek pit lane reporters question with just the word; yes, dealing with the interview like a popular Finnish F1 driver would. Do you have any plans to bring that cool factor to the PTC category?
Q8) Have you got plans to start generating some merchandise for the Deputy team?
I’d like to continue to promote our brand through a unique style, our race-wear and car livery. Some basic merchandise may come eventually.
Q9) Any plans to paint both cars like 1960’s American Police chasers?
Yes, now we have two Evo 9’s, both will be styled identically as American Deputy cruisers. It’s our image and were running with it. 
Q10) What is your favourite track to race on?
Phillip Island, (that may change after we race at Bathurst).
Q11) We’re heading to Bathurst soon, do you have any aces up your sleeve to help you claim victory on the mountain?
Other than a new engine in Gerry’s old Evo 9, I’m down to my desire to be out front.
Also, we are putting police car light bars on our roofs so we can be our own Safety Cars.
Q12) Who is your favourite driver to race against on track?
My son Jake.
Q13) After a race, what do you do to relax?
Enjoy the trip home talking about the weekend with Jake and our wonderful girls, and the rest of the team.
Q14) At the race track, what can you not do without most?
Fresh tyres.
Q15) Do you think you can win the outright championship next year?
Yes, but I probably wont until I’m driving an Evo 10.
Steve Shelley is sponsored by Deputy.com a new program designed to help with the effective management of business no matter what size. For more information, hit the link http://www.deputy.com and have a look.

One response to “15 QUESTIONS: STEVE SHELLEY

  1. Great stuff SS. You are my pick mate, that 9 will help you bring it home. Will you have room in the new shack for a trophy or two?

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