(RECAP) Filming at NSW State Championships June 22/23 2013

Well, what a weekend. The DGB Media team braved the weather threat to make the trek out to Sydney Motorsport Park last weekend. Our task for the weekend was to film both the NSW Production Touring Car and NSW Sports Sedans Championships. Before we even arrived the team knew we were going to have an extremely busy weekend, with the way the program of events was structured, camera operators were going to have to spend a lot of time trackside. However, with 3 cameras stationed around the track, we were excited to capture as much action as possible. It would be the most cameras we had ever had the pleasure of taking to a meeting, ensuring we would be able to film more footage than we ever had before.


As a team we reserved Saturday morning for testing locations and ensuring that cameras were mounted in cars to our satisfaction. Across the morning we checked and double checked angles, tested techniques and prepared to film the afternoon races. Of course, all while hoping that the wet weather would hold off. Luckily for us, Saturday would stay fairly fine, with just a few spits of water falling from the clouds gathering over our heads. As a team we were able to stay moderately dry, with cameras covered against the weather, and us all pulling our respective jackets close. Filming the Production Touring Cars as sunset approached ensured that we were able to capture some very cool footage of flames shooting out of exhausts and disc brakes glowing. We’re definitely excited to see how this footage looks in the final product. Luckily, racing had finished for the day and we were all safely back at our accommodation when the threat of rain finally arrived, with storms rolling in over sydney overnight.


Then Sunday dawned, well, dawned is a very strong word, as cloud cover and rain were the order of the day. In fact, we only saw blue sky once, with a small patch splitting the clouds just before the rain hit. Rain that would hang around all day, with conditions out on track being totally unpredictable. The DGB team knew we would have trouble staying dry, yet we accepted the challenge and headed trackside to capture all the action. While the rain pounded down on our heads, the cars themselves looked great with plumes of water emitting from the rear as they made their way around the track. Sure the speeds were down, and as a result the cars spread out a bit more, but the action was still more than you see in higher levels of professional motorsport. So we are looking forward to what we might get out for that footage. It definitely was worth us all getting absolutely soaked in the pursuit of the footage, as we think it is going to make for a great program.

Added to this, we have hours of onboard camera coverage. More than we can use in any of the shows, an unfortunate side effect of having more than enough footage. Still, we will endeavour to ensure that every car which carried one of our Replay XD cameras, will see their footage in the completed product.

For now; enjoy this quick little highlights video we whipped together while editing this week.

The Sports Sedans and Production Touring coverage is only days away!


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