DGB Media Productions from NSW State Round June 22/23


After a busy time filming at the last NSW State Round on June 22/23 the team at DGB Media have now completed all the work from that weekend. So we thought, what better place to bring it all to you, than to put it all in one new story for viewing.

First up we have our highlights from the third round of the NSW Production Touring Car Championship. With Bob Pearson taking out a comfortable round victory, only being headed once by Gerry Murphy in the final race of the weekend.

Our second highlights package was created for the NSW Sports Sedans series. This race meeting saw Chris Jackson re-establish his title chase, with two race victories. The second race of the weekend, held in the middle of a downpour, saw Andy Cantrell take home a win in his Ford Credit Falcon Ex V8 Supercar.

After creating those television productions, we were approached by Tim Miller from IPRA to create a little edit, primarily focused on his weekend of racing. Utilising his onboard cameras, and the external footage we were able to capture, DGB Media produced this for him.

Lastly, as we had cameras trackside, the NSW Production Sports guys asked us to put together a bit of a showreel of their category to use on their website. This video, utilising only our trackside cameras came out quite well and we think does a bit to give a feel for their category.

In the end DGB Media has come out with some diverse creations, tailored specifically to the needs of our individual customers. We next hit the track with the NSW State Championships again on August 10/11 and we’re looking forward to filming at Wakefield Park for the first time in 2013. There is some pretty cool stuff coming, so keep an eye out on this page and also our Facebook http://www.facebook.com/dgbmediagroup.

We hope you enjoy the videos. If you have any queries, or would like us to film your next event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the contact us page.


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