Since its inception, DGB Media has been dedicated to providing the best quality productions for the Australian motorsport community. A major part of achieving that goal has been the pursuit of regular television coverage for the programs created by the company. Earlier this year DGB Media were proud to be able to announce an exciting agreement with TVS in Sydney, a deal which would allow highlights programs to be viewed on free to air television in Sydney.


With this deal secured, the team at DGB Media set their sights further afield and started exploring further options for getting coverage viewed in more markets. To that end, DGB Media can now confirm that we have secured another deal that will see highlights programs screened on the free to air community channel, C31, in Melbourne.

C31 New Logo

The new motorsport program, Blend Line TV, will fill a weekly time slot with the station, with our NSW Production Touring Car, NSW Sports Sedans and NSW HQ Holden racing coverage all airing during the series. Show formats will be named Blend Line TV presents (insert series), to aid with continuity of audience recognition of the programming.  So, if you live in Melbourne, or even have friends there who you would like to show how great racing in NSW is, then let them know about Blend Line TV, with series variety all showing close quarter racing, it’s set to thrill. As yet a commencement date for the series is still to be finalised, so keep an eye out on our DGB Media facebook page, for more information as it comes to hand.


NOTE: This television opportunity will also be extended to any other new series that reach an agreement for DGB Media to provide them with coverage services.


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