The NSW Production Touring Car Championship entrants take off from the start line for the Bathurst endurance race.

The NSW Production Touring Car Championship entrants take off from the start line for the Bathurst endurance race.

The team at DGB Media are pleased to announce that our motor sport program Blend Line TV has been nominated for an antenna award. Our special one hour coverage from the Bathurst Motor Festival featuring the Production Touring Car Championship endurance race, has received nomination in the Outstanding Sports Program category. 


Executive Producer and Presenter Daniel Beckinsale conducts an interview in the pits at Sydney Motorsport Park.

“This award nomination is an exciting step for the show and our company in general,” enthused executive producer and presenter Daniel Beckinsale after receiving news of the nomination. “The team has worked incredibly hard to produce the best quality program we possibly can. There’s so many people involved in this endeavour now that we simply couldn’t do without. From the camera crew who stand trackside through all conditions, our editing team who put the show together, the fantastic categories we have the pleasure to be involved with, and also the support of fans around the country, it’s all of them that have made this possible.” 

The Bathurst Motor Festival film crew.

The Bathurst Motor Festival film crew.

So what are the Antenna Awards? As described on the C31 Melbourne and Geelong website:  The Antenna Awards recognise the best community television programming from across Australia. In 2014 the awards will be hosted by comedian Tegan Higginbotham and are set to be an entertaining evening with plenty of great shows and personalities making an appearance. Or not. See, that aspect depends on the awards receiving funding to be broadcast live. Check out this great video from the Antenna’s production team for some more information on the event. 

Of course, whether Blend Line TV wins its category is less important than our desire to support and be part of the show being broadcast. So we need to give back to those who are supporting us, and we urge everyone to join us in assisting the Antenna Awards broadcast in any way they can. 


So if you want to see the awards broadcast live, and help support community television, the place that has helped us to broadcast so many great motor sport events, then head to the pozible campaign located HERE. Pledge some money and you’ll not only get to see the event broadcast, you’ll receive some pretty cool perks as well. 


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